• Paul Berlin
  • I remember back when I was a kid growing up and my favorite DJ on the radio was a guy who had been on the air for over 50 years. True story was, he came to town after losing his previous DJ gig by falling asleep on the air. Rumor had it he was drunk a good 90& of the time he was on the air, but apparently that didn’t seem to stop him, no sir. For when it came to playing the nuttiest and most obscure wartime songs and big band oldies, he was a machine. The station became so popular that one summer it was voted most popular among adults 33 year old and up. 
    Yes, it was a very good time for a pizza delivery boy such as myself whose rush hour traffic was soothed only by the sounds of some old drunk slurring as he spun record after record of wartime goodness. Until one fatal day in August; just as the heat index began to peak above 99 degrees fahrenheit, and the lunch hour traffic seemed to move slower than christmas. It was then that I tuned in to the radio station in hopes of salvation. Surely the drunk would make that delivery more tolerable, but was I sadly mistaken. Instead of the roaring big band horn section, I heard the solo of Kenny G. What!!?? Days went by and all I heard was one piece of adult contemporary crap after another. No drunk DJ, no Big Band, no nothing…just fucking Don Henly remixes and Anne Murray out takes. WTF!!!!!! That was when I heard from a friend that the station had been bought by someone called Clear Channel. Who the hell was Clear Channel, and why would anyone buy a radio station that was just voted most popular and change the format? But this was no fluke, no sir I would slowly watch over the years as Clear Channel bought up any radio station worth owning only to convert it to some banal watered down format that could only sound like a turd falling in my drink. Now I have had enough. Something has got to give. This is Bullshit, and I want my radio back!

~ by thmjklmstrymn on March 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “DEATH ON THE AIRWAVES!”

  1. I think this blog rcoks….

  2. No she doesn’t! It’s ME who thinks this blog is AWESOME!

  3. Good to know you are writing again and as usual, you have a gift with words and public commentary. You should have been a journalist but I love you just as you are.

  4. Verrry verrry goood. I still say you could be a travel writer; that’s where your talent lies.

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