The Trio Los Panchos

A couple of weeks ago I was at the house of a client who was obviously a music enthusiast. He was a Puerto Rican man in his 50s who made it clear that he loved all types of music, but eventually the talk moved towards older latin acts such as Benny More, Celia Cruz, Chano Pozo, Xavier Cugat, Willie Bobo, etc… So Eventually I had to ask “did you like The Trio Los Panchos?”, to which I received a very direct “No”. Then he began to explain “Thats like me asking you if you liked Tony Bennett, our parents listen to the “Panchos”, and its not that they weren’t good, but we wanted to rebel against all of that, thats what the 60s were about for everyone”. Point taken, but if you find yourself awake at 3am unable to sleep from all the pills you have ingested, and looking for something to listen to, then look no further. I have had many late night sessions where I found tequila flowing through me like the flood waters of Katrina, and I would cling to the music of the “Panchos” as if they were the life raft keeping me from sinking to the bottom of a bottomless pit.


~ by thmjklmstrymn on April 12, 2008.

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