Circuit Bending Zombies

The net, and especially YOUTUBE are full of videos of people circuit bending random shit. The more popular things seem to be old Speek and Spell, Furbies, and Pikachu. I even saw one guy circuit bending 12 Pikachus simultaneously. Then you have your old casios and yamaha keyboards, game boys, and even expensive shit. Either way it’s all a load of fun, but all seems sort of 2 dimensional and limited. However, I did find this genius in Antwerp, that when I saw what he had done, how it looked and the sounds it made…….whoa, I completely lost it. Gijs is his name, and he website is like going to a funhouse…you can can check it out here.

and here is a video of him with a casio sk1

what else can you say….other than Fuck!


~ by thmjklmstrymn on August 4, 2008.

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