Argument over butter gets ugly, police say

WATERVILLE — A culinary argument between a brother and sister about whether to use butter or margarine turned violent, resulting in an attack with a knife-edged barbecue spatula, police say.

A 21-year-old man called East Wenatchee police on June 6 to say his 17-year-old sister had just attacked him and tried to cut his neck with the serrated edge of the spatula, wrote Officer Carrie Knouf in a police report filed in Douglas County Superior Court.

The sister told Knouf she was making macaroni and cheese when her brother asked if she was using butter.

“They began to argue over the difference of real butter to margarine,” wrote Knouf in the report.

The verbal argument escalated into a shoving match, and then the sister is accused of trying to cut her brother, Knouf wrote.

The girl was charged with fourth-degree assault June 10. She did not show up for a Wednesday hearing, so Douglas County Superior Court Judge John Hotchkiss issued a warrant for her arrest.

Personally…I am going to assume that the Girl was the one who wanted butter, even though seeing it was the brother who inquired about whether or not she was going to use butter or magerine…it was probably the brother… I feel strongly enough about butter and the need to use it over margerine that I would take a knife to my parents…in defense of butter that is. Who feels strongly enough for margerine to wanna fight over it. There must be something missing from this story. Maybe the brother had been molesting his sister and this incident just made the girl snap….The world may never know.



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One Response to “Argument over butter gets ugly, police say”

  1. hahahahaa! fucking butter! i will cut you fool!!! don’t fucking bring that margarine near me biotch!!! i swear, i’ll cut your throat!

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