Teacher Bang’n

Lets here it for another female teacher banging one of her students….. I love it when its some chic around my age banging these little kids, because I know half the dudes around me would just be like “that’s ok, that ain’t no rape”, while the other half of the people around me would be like “oh that poor woman, what is wrong with her”?
You know damn well that if it was some 30-something male and a 13 year old girl, that the public would be screaming for his blood. I mean when its like that, well then all my friends come together, the decision is unanimous. Hell all you can do at that point is pray that the teacher and student at least the same race, cuz if that teacher was black and that little girl was white …..shiiiiiiiiiit the cops would have just shot him on site. Hell the cops are fucking sadists when shit like that happens. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tazered him for a good 40 minutes, then shot him, then buried him under the Verazzano bridge, came back a week later, dug him up, pissed on him, turned him upside down, then buried him again.
Or better yet if the teacher was a white male, and the student was a black girl, there would be riots. The black blog-o-sphere would just spin right off its axis, you had better believe there would be some marches, and some white politician would have to blow Al Sharpton.
Or what if (stay with me here people), what if the teacher was a white Hasidic rabbi, and the little girl was an arab muslim, and they got caught having sex, in a mosque, during Ramadhan, and they used pages of the Quran to clean themselves with afterwards (I don’t know what a rabbi would be doing in a mosque, for the sake of argument, lets just say that the rabbi and the mosque were both part of a Spiritual Exchange program).
Shit either way if that were the case, they would just crash an airplane into the fucking Wailing wall. The Ayatola would put a price on the Rabbi’s head. That Rabbi would want to go into protective custody so fast, he would just show up one day at the front gates of Guantanamo Bay just begging to do his time.



~ by thmjklmstrymn on July 2, 2010.

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  1. You are hilarious

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