I got a saying of my own… Here in New York, They may have gotten rid of the homeless problem, but they still got bums, the police. You’d think the police hate everything…just complete sadists. But if you pay attention you’ll notice that the police got love for some things. You got coffee, donuts… and Tasers… Holy shit police love tasers. Police love tasering people, fuck it, police just loving tasering… and no one is safe. Certainly not people. I don’t care I don’t care if you are a new born baby just coming out of the birth canal and the doctor is getting ready to cut your umbilical chord, a cop would taser you, and then claim “he had a weapon”. You could be a deaf, dumb, and blind 74 year old quadriplegic in a wheelchair, on dialysis, and catatonic. There is a cop who feels threatened by you, and who is going to taser you. Shit, you could be in your casket…and still would not be safe.
Neither are pets, especially dogs, they are an easy target, cuz no matter what the cop says, the dog can’t challenge it. Not verbally at least. Shit a cop would taser a tree stump, and then say “it was coming right for me”. who is going to stop him. Police just taser whatever they can just to see what happens. You know there are cops who drink right, believe it or not people…some cops drink on their shift. I’ll bet good money that a drunk cop would taser a slice of pizza just to see if it heats up better than the microwave. Why the hell not, who’s gonna tell? And who knows, they might actually find a good use for it. God knows they certainly aren’t going to use it for what it was intended.
Just work with me here and do me a favor, think of the cutest thing you can. Think cute, innocent, lovable…pure. The purest thing you can think of, put that image in your head. Now picture a cop tasering it…because it’s a fucking reality.
A cop would taser teddy ruxpin.



~ by thmjklmstrymn on July 5, 2010.

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