i got the magic trick

When I wake in my own vomit, what do I think? Well I’ll tell you what I didn’t think. I didn’t think that I needed to stop drinking. Chill out on my consumption, sure, why not? But quit, listen, that shit seems so completely unattainable right now.
Yeah, I know I could have died, but I didn’t. I didn’t die, I didn’t do it in front of anyone, there are no witnesses, cept for maybe the cats, but they will never talk, no sir, they are too loyal to their stomachs, and if they want to eat, they must shut the fuck up. There is no stench, the sheets have already been cleaned. Why hell , there isn’t one shred of evidence, why tell anyone, why even tell myself? It might as well have never happened. I’m sure if I put on my “try-hard” helmet, look in the mirror and say it to myself enough, and maybe even drown enough brain cells in alcohol, then maybe I can just erase the whole thing from existence…
Kinda like a magic trick. Now I just got to make sure I haven’t left any other evidence.


~ by thmjklmstrymn on August 3, 2011.

One Response to “i got the magic trick”

  1. you’re such a fuken loon…um… vomiting while passed out in a drunken stupor is not something to write home about. while i know not to preach because you just won’t listen, at least you didn’t piss into your gf’s hamper thinking you were in the bathroom while drunk as fuck like Alex did. OMG! fuken alkies!

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