The Matrix has the Revolution

The music you are listening to doesn’t contain any real musicians on the recording. If all it takes is for one to derive listening pleasure from a certain sound to become music, then we can call it music. Like the sound of cats fucking: I am sure someone finds pleasure in listening to that. Pdiddy’s new album, ain’t too far behind that, and look how many copies he sold.
Reality TV has no actors, no writers, no plots, nor story lines, and they rack up the ratings. The news does not report the news. So and So slept with 15 women behind his wife’s back is not news, in fact its nobodies business but him, his wife, and perhaps all the women he slept with, but it is definitely not news. Its gossip
The speech the president just gave; that’s not a speech. A speech implies that he actually said something, he didn’t. That’s what separates the good politicians from the bad ones, whether or not they actually say anything. That was the beauty of  “yes we can”, it inspired so many people without saying a god damn thing.
That big law that just got passed that’s got everyone all hot and bothered because its supposed to reform politics as we know it, didn’t really get passed. In fact it’s probably going to just wind up in the courts, where it will be shot on site, with no witness.
Those criminals you see on TV aren’t really criminals. Being arrested for selling weed is not a real arrest because there is not a real crime. To call it a crime implies that there are victims. There are no victims in a drug sale, one guy wants drugs, another guy has it. For if the dealer to just give his supply away would turn him into a socialist, which in this country…. Is a very bad word; and the people wouldn’t have it any other way.
What we appear to be living in here is the matrix, a matrix that is slowly forming all around us. The food is not real, it’s genetically modified. Hell in my neighborhood, the blondes aren’t really blondes, they are Puerto Ricans with dye jobs. All the black chics are dominican and don’t speak a lick of English, and all the fat ass’s are on underage girls. What the fuck is going on here?
Its not all fake, but the fakeness seems to be spreading. In the pacific there is a pile of plastic trash clustering together bigger than twice the size of Texas. There are islands in the pacific that are in the direct path of the current in which this trash is in. One day a news reporter traveled to the beach with a man who routinely did cleanup on the beach. Only one day after cleanup, and already the beach was covered with trash. The reporter at one point got down on his knees and took note that the color of the plastic was washing off onto the sand. The man corrected the reporter stating that it in fact wasn’t sand. It was plastic that had broken down so much it looked like sand, and that everything he thought was sand was actually plastic. The reporter then observed that the beach itself was literally turning plastic, and the man confirm this.
Rather poetic don’t you think, that even on this small remote island in the middle of nowhere, the Matrix has you.
The people know that everything they love is slowly being transformed in front of their eyes, against their will. The things they have worked for, and put all their money in to is slowly being stolen, bit by bit, the house they worked so hard for is being repossessed brick by brick. You know what, that’s how people want it. They know that the world is shrinking and that there is nowhere to run. That there are no superheroes and no one will rise up to defend them. The people have not only grown to accept the fact that they are going to get fucked and they have come to terms with it. The people don’t really mind taking it in the ass, just be gentile, go slow and if you are really good, make them think it aint even happening
That’s the secret, shower them with love in a reality that feels free. Organized religion has taught us that even though people believe that there is an all-knowing, all-powerful god who controls everything, that he will allow bad things happen to good people.
Shower them with love like the Oprah Winfrey sideshow, reruns of Seinfeld or Medea gets knocked up. People would easily fork over their retirement for more Medea.
Here’s the real question; why will the revolution not be televised? Because it wouldn’t get any ratings. Get fucking real, you think people want to realize they are getting fucked? This is why people say the world needs a little mystery, so people can pretend they are doing anything else other than getting fucked. This is why even though drugs aren’t legal; they are in no short supply. They keep people thinking that things aren’t what they seem.
Keep the donuts, buckets of lard, Internet porn, 2 girls 1 cup all coming. Keep the tabloid freak show, online petitions, incessant tweeting, Wendy Williams, sex scandals and all that other horse shit coming.  For the people who don’t take their medicine, keep feeding them conspiracies about how 9/11 was an inside job, and how the levees were blown, how the water isn’t safe, and how Tupac is still alive.
Even though there won’t be any real revolution, just tell everyone there will be. Broadcast footage from the L.A. riots and just tell everyone that its the revolution, they wont know the difference. And while you’re at it get coke to sponsor the revolution. The revolution will not only be televised, it will have corporate sponsorship and will also have its own page on Facebook. Everyone can “like” the revolution on Facebook, and Tweet about how the revolution is going to have the greatest after-party of all-time. And it will be, the after-party will be so epic and beyond any words at my current disposal.
Then everyone will wake up the next morning, hung over and unable to deal. Not wanting any responsibility, no accountability, but knowing that work needs to be done. They’ll bend over and say, be gentile, and super-size me.


~ by thmjklmstrymn on August 4, 2011.

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