Gay Camp

How does a gay camp work again? I have a pretty good idea how a fat camp works. They probably just drill sprouts and parsnips into your head until your bleeding from the nose. I once heard of leadership camp; I’m sure its just a bunch of kids being forced to goose-step from one place to the next for hours on end. But what about gay camp, what exactly do they do at a gay camp?
How do they convert people back from gay to straight? I mean I hope the literature includes more than just the bible. Who knows, is there is some secret hidden chapter which I don’t recall? Maybe there is a book of Mary Magdalene and it just reads like a Penthouse Forum: the gospel according to Kayla Kupcakes.
I figure maybe those Christians might want to reach beyond the bible; maybe to the Kama sutra, Hustler magazine, the Internet, something.  Hell, a lap dance or how about this: how about all the counselors are all ex porn-stars or titty-dancers hiding behind every tree and tent in site. Or maybe, the mess hall doubles as a Hooters; I’m just saying, please tell me they brought more than the bible with them.
But then again, the biggest freaks I’ve dated were always preachers’ kids, or church steppers. Who knows, maybe there is something to this bible.


~ by thmjklmstrymn on August 6, 2011.

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