Summer in the Shitty

Midnight and the heat just peaks, everyone sweats, everyone stinks, and if you have any common sense, give up. There is no hope, no escape, the heat surrounds you, the humidity rises, and the sweat will always fall. It’s the kind of heat that will make you take the local train, just so you can soak up the A/C. it’s another lazy, drunk as a dog day of summer in Brooklyn.
Tonight the bar was full, and the patio was all that was left. Fine, if we must sit outside in this swamp, I am gonna order a liter of their strongest beer. Ice cold, and powerful as all hell, mixed with the heat, and served with a glass so big it might as well of come with a snorkel. We haven’t been outside long, but we don’t need all that long, because it wont take that long, to accomplish what we need, as we all look like fresh Krispy Kremes: Glazed
What I always had a hard time with was how girls could apply make up in this weather. New york in July wasn’t all that different from the swamps outside of New Orleans. Honestly I love this weather. I love how powerless we are to its control, yet it doesn’t stop us from carrying on unlike the winter.
As for any of those bastards who always wait till the hottest days to say “I would take the winter over this any day”, they need a ripe kick in the ass. I am onto you skull fucks, you obviously are broke and have no life. In case they forgot the winter can simply dump a fuck-ton of snow if it wants to and bring the city to a grinding halt, but not in the summertime. It might be unbearable, you might have to shower 2 or 3 times a day, all the drinks in the bodega might be warm, the seats in your car might burn, the garbage might stink to high hell, and Popeyes might not taste as good, but you can still carry on.
Just remember to dress accordingly, don’t be above hopping in front of the pump, and get the fuck over it, because the truth is, you don’t wanna miss it.


~ by thmjklmstrymn on August 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Summer in the Shitty”

  1. J, Hot shitty for sure; this says it all brilliantly. As for make up; it’s a lost cause, melts right off the face-so women keep re applying it all thru the day. Personally, I don’t get it. I gave up on make up a long time ago.

  2. That last paragraph is on an instant loop in my mind when I walk around the city and hear and see people complain about the heat…
    As for the makeup…us women wear less or none at all…at least this one does

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