Tenori-on wankathon Part 2

I’m gonna totally geek out for a sec…


When the Tenori-on 1st came out, I guess a lil over 3 years ago, it was released in England before it was released here in the states.

I live in New York, have family in london, and musicians I record with in Lincolnshire. So I figured what the hell, I’m always there,

I’ll order one. Honest to God, the price turned out to be 666 quid, and like a few pence which at the time was over $1,300.

I was glued to that thing for 6 months, joined an online community of musicians who used it, and in the end, it was a very over priced extremely rudimentary device which lacked a lot of features, and Yamaha really just couldn’t be bothered to support.

Each light is an instrument, 127 but online 3 are user programmable, wack!

16 instruments could play at once for one four bar loop, and there were 16 loops you could make, yet you could not chain loops. Something the 808 could do back in the 80’s.

Overall just a lot of basic functionality that you would expect to be standerd in this day and age was non-existant.

The one thing that was cool, was that even though the midi was a complete joke, it at least had midi. I actually got it to work with logic and was able to control 16 instruments simultaneously. But that sort of limits it to the studio, and one of the cool things about the Tenori-on was the fact that it was portable.

One of the things that kept everyone on the forums going was the prospect of what Yamaha could to in a firmware update. People had wish lists of points of functionality they really wanted addressed. That kept us going for 2 years…2 FUCKING YEARS!!! The message board was starting to become filled with people upset, or had just lost any faith in the device. Bitch sessions would ensue.

Then one day, it happened, the firmware update was announced, and that whole attitude of the comunity did a 180. Speculation was high. What will it conclude, what will be adressed? We will finally be able to chain loops? More user programmable instruments? Hopefully longer the 1/90 of a sec sample. And you know what was in that firmware update…nothing. “more stability” and they added “swing” quanatizing.

WOW! The dream was over, and I realized what i had to do.

I had to sell whilst it’s still worth money. They will wind up in the pawn shops, and if I miss it, I can get one used for much cheaper. I sold mine for $900, the other day I saw one in the pawn shop for $400.

This was also before the ipad got released, and I knew that based upon the touch screen and apps already coming out for the iphone, that the ipad was gonna take shit to the next level.

Someone even made a Tenori-on app for the ipad… oh really now?

So was the Horror of the Tenori-on .


~ by thmjklmstrymn on August 25, 2011.

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