So you had a bad date?

You told me about shitter pounder, the dildo drowner

not just an enthusiast, he’s was size king

a buff of the size,

stuffing things between his thighs

he ordered a shitter pounder

and supershat his fries

calling it obscene

is just a bit understated

for it was also the drugs

were completely wasted

within his inner shitter

lurked a swine of an anus

or as I like to call it

a swanus

which was more important,

the size of the ocean

or the shape of the sea

was it like putting foreign coins

into a vending machine

do you think he was sore

when you used your fist to fuck him

you know his ass had to be numb

from all the cocaine in his rectum

this continued for another 3 hours

and still you didn’t leave

come the next day you realized

there was no more chemistry

so you had a bad date

my Jew friend “lil bit”

I dedicate this to you

fuck this online dating shit



~ by thmjklmstrymn on April 22, 2012.

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