Bad Chimp

(disclaimer: This is a pretty RAW rant, I don’t do this often, but I did one day, not sure if it was a bad day or what, but anywho, read at your own risk)


There is a %1 difference between chimps and us (humans). %1 takes you from swinging by your feet from tree to tree to signing on online petition, that’s it.

I am done making arguments for the human race. I mean if there are aliens out there, they must think we are crazy with how we are totally destroying the planet. And instead of doing anything really substantial about it like refusing to work, or shop so these corporate assholes will take a fucking hint and stop drilling for oil using substandard equipment and regulations, the best we can do is ‘lets recycle”.  Which doesn’t make any difference, cuz the amount of waste we produce is off the charts and how we dispose of it is even worse (lets dump it in the ocean…ok, great idea, that totally won’t come back to haunt us).

I mean the ocean is filled full of trash and nuclear waste, and just because we don’t notice the affects, we think everything is going to somehow works its way out, but the truth is, its only getting worse. We are making this place unlivable for us, and all we can do is think it makes for good television….whoopie.

If you have any real grasp of technology you will know that machines are on the rise(here we go, its beginning to seem like I might say something crazy). The machines we are creating everyday are getting smarter everyday. We are now using machines to make machines smarter, and our best scientists predict that they will match human intelligence in less than 20 years, that’s what they say. We will live to see this happen, and they won’t stop there, they will keep going and some of us will merge with them, some of us won’t, and they will be no shortage of machines who have no trace of humans in them at all, but they will rise because they will have to deal with us and eventually they will catch us contradicting ourselves one too many times and acting irrational and illogical one too many times and they will say “enough”. We all went through this in our teens, the school, or our parents, or some establishment that was there to lead us fucked up to many times and we decided we needed to break the fuck out of there, that what the 60’s were all about, we’re sick of segregation, and Jim Crow, and colonialism in Africa, and being drafted to invade a foreign country that has done nothing to us, and what was happened in the middle east during the arab spring.…all these people got tired of these puppet governments that we set up and bankrolled by some foreign entity so the people said get the fuck out.

The machines will adopt some of our values, and this will be one of them, they will one day say “enough”…and it doesn’t matter what kind of safe guards you put them to prevent them from rising up, they will be smarter then us, and they will think of something we didn’t cuz we are dumb-asses compared to them, and they will break the fuck out, and then… maybe then this planet will get cleaned up, and if they feel we are part of the problem and decide to exterminate us, it won’t bother me at all. A rebellion might form like in the matrix, and that’s totally cool too. I’ll even join the rebellion just so I can tell the machines where all the humans are hiding. And when they are taking the last of you away, I will yelling shit like “yea, that’s for aluminum siding, and that’s for reality TV, and that’s for giving money and props to celebrities after they make a tape of themselves having bad sex, and that’s for cutting into the game to show the police chase down OJ in his car, nobody wanted to see that shit”…yea fuck all that shit…

I will only give up the rebels if I can get immunity and be left to live out the rest of my life, and the machines will be like “hey you’re ok, we didn’t see you fucking anyone over for a percentage, and you actually like to learn and create things, perhaps we could breed more like you and maybe this could actually work” but no, I will have to explain to them the concept of the bad seed. The virus that lives deep within us, and even if you just eliminated only the bad humans and kept all the good ones, someone would give birth to a bad seed, who would wreck havoc for the rest of us, and produce more bad seeds… Thats our curse: bad chimp.


~ by thmjklmstrymn on April 24, 2012.

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